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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Seasonal versatility within ones wardrobe is essential for the modern gent. Amongst your basic tees & denim collection, add a puffer vest to this list. These are great all season round, easy to layer and ideal for travel going from one climate to the next.

My hero piece for this look is the tailored chino. Hand-made, using premium Italian cotton that surpasses anything off the rack. I’ve stepped away from the tight fitted chino that is currently saturating the market today, instead going for a more relaxed fit. This makes it versatile for Fridays in the office when worn with a blazer, or layer a white tee shirt with a denim shirt, a pair of sneakers, and you're good to go for a weekend getaway.

If this ensemble is on your mind for a last minute weekend escape from city to vineyard, don't forget to pack a weekender bag which includes a pair of clean underwear, basic tee, and toiletries... add a deck of cards and you're good to go!

Vest: Huffer

Denim Shirt: Unknown Vintage  

Tee: Uniqlo

Chino: Wil Valor Bespoke

Sneakers: Eve and Kane

Photo Cred: @jadejeffriesphotography

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