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As Mr A Taylor has grown with the support of clients who value craftsmanship, sartorial details, modern design, and quality materials. I feel responsible to grow and exceed my clients expectations with Ms Taylor.


I love the harmony of classic and edgy, masculine and feminine, hard and soft. This is an integral part of my brand/label DNA.

Excellence, classicism and relevance. I believe are benchmarks of Ms Taylor's signature tailoring. There is honesty too, with a huge importance on fabric, fit and finish. From the classic tailored jacket to the immaculately tailored trousers - your forever pieces.

I focus on creativity, constantly looking for inspiration through conversation with clients. 

Ms Taylor loves to explore the nuances of personality through details, sartorial techniques and luxurious fabrications. Every piece is is personalized to mirror our client's lifestyle.


Well designed, modern, sophisticated and effortless clothing by Ms Taylor.

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