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Uncompromising quality for your last minute needs…

While I don’t recommend leaving a tailored suit until last minute, finding a luxury tailored suit with a quick turnaround time can be challenging, if not nearly impossible. The general consensus in the industry is that it takes approximately 5-8 weeks to create a bespoke suit. While you may diligently plan your schedule, there are occasions where you may find yourself in need of a tailored suit on short notice, without compromising on quality. In such instances, all your plans seem to go out the window!

Let me share with you one of many occasions where I was able to create a suit within a remarkable 7-day turnaround for the NRL Dally M's red carpet event. Yes, from taking measurements to the final fit, it only took 7 days.

When dealing with such a short turnaround time, it's true that fabric choices may be limited. However, thanks to my long-standing relationships with my production team, I am able to turn around a bespoke suit within a 7-12 day period. Understanding key factors such as posture, fabric weight, and how the fabric performs over the body are crucial in ensuring that your suit is made without compromise.

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