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Home Office to Boardroom to Bar

As the way we do business changes and evolves, wisdom says we should adjust our wardrobe accordingly, in particular paying more attention to the tones we wear.

As an important note, I provide personal colour consultations and wardrobe reviews for my clients and their friends.

This entails looking at hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and body complexion, then pairing complimentary tones best suited to you as the individual. It’s rather important to bear in mind your line of work. Individuality is fundamentally more important than trends folks!

Meetings conducted via zoom aren’t something new, however we have seen an increase within this platform through COVID 19. Dressing for camera and dressing for in person meetings are somewhat similar, but not always the same. Let’s keep in mind particular colours send certain messages.

Following is a guide to assist you in connecting with your audience virtually or otherwise.

Blue – sends the message of trust, calmness and a sense of stability. You’ll find an increase in navy suits within the last 10 years. Logo designs from big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter also follow these colour guidelines. Every man must have a navy suit and a pale blue oxford shirt.

Red - is power, passion, energy and danger. You will have noticed a personality like Donald Trump changes his tie from red to blue, back to red. All depending on the topic at hand and the audience he speaks to. Be cautious with red, perhaps just an accent in accessories. Burgundy is a more palatable red to incorporate in your personal style.

Black – sophistication, strength, and power. Style icons like Giorgio Armani and Alex Perry (SPRAYS HIS CLOTHES ON!) What about Keanu as John Wick?

are well known for their sense of style with Monochromatic.

Yellow – optimism, creatively, warmth, and positivity. Be careful with this particular colour as it’s not suitable to all skin tones, however a splash of yellow used as a pocket handkerchief is a lovely touch. And if you’re feeling brave, try a yellow striped white shirt, they look amazing against navy or silver grey suiting.

Green – nature, health, money, and abundance. Let’s all agree we need green! Olive green would be my personal favourite however, bottle green and teal have made a resurgence.

It’s difficult to put a price on looking good and feeling great. For a small investment, let me help build a wardrobe that will take you from home office to boardroom to bar in 2021.

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