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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe which they love and I’m certainly no different. Weekends call for denim, and this ensemble can be worn from lunch on Saturday to dinner on a Sunday. Just in case you get caught away from home, you’re good for all occasions.

Although this look is great for the weekend, it is also perfect for casual Friday (perhaps not with the ripped knees). In addition everyone should invest in a navy shirt to add to their wardrobe. This is a bespoke number I designed a few years back and from experience It can easily style from casual to suiting. The blazer has been split from a suit and this particular piece is made from mohair. Lightly deconstructed & half lined allows for a more relaxed Friday through to Sunday feel. Lastly, these brogue boots are my go to look for winter. I still like to wear a pocket square, even though it’s a casual look, because for me I’m passionate about menswear and tailoring.I firmly believe in stretching ones wardrobe as far as you can and splitting tailored suits is the best way to do this.

Come by to see me on the weekend - bring your favourite jeans and boots and I’ll look after the rest.

Jacket: Wil Valor Bespoke

Shirt: Wil Valor Bespoke

Denim: Neuw

Boots: Ben Sherman

Photo Cred: @jadejeffriesphotography

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