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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Most blokes own that one black suit which sits in their wardrobe waiting for a run at weddings, black tie dinners and sadly enough at funerals. When buying bespoke or M2M it’s important to maximise the cost per wear with your purchase. With this particular ensemble I’ve split the jacket from my 2 piece black suit making this outfit simplistic, however showcasing an effective way to make your black suit versatile, especially during this festive season. This look will also keep you covered for all social evening occasions this summer.

The jacket is designed with high arm holes, light interfacing, wide lapels and minimum shoulder paddings. All are key elements in making the jacket versatile when splitting up your suits. I've chosen a light 9oz fabric, which is perfect for 3 seasons. Complete the outfit with a white cotton shirt, playful pocket hank & cream trousers complimented by one of the finest hand crafted Italian loafers on the market, 124 Shoes.

The trouser is a 12oz, half lined cotton fabric. Gents, don't be shy in adding a pair of high wasted, straight cut trousers to your wardrobe. Most of you will have skinny jeans and chinos, however straight cut pants are a big focus on the fashion scene right now. I definitely see this trend hanging around for many years to come...

Drop me a line and I'll show you how to best maximise your black suit.

MR A TAYLOR - Bespoke & M2M label made by one of the finest tailoring houses in Italy.

124 Shoes - Authentic artisanal shoes, not for the ordinary.

Snapped by: @jadejeffriesphotography

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