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Neapolitan Tailoring dates back to the early 1900’s. Better known for its effortless style, lightweight canvas, & timeless elegance, here I point out key aesthetic elements you'll find from a Neapolitan tailoring house.

Exclusively from Italy, the chest pocket is cut in a Barchetta (in a boats shape). I ensure this style is featured on all my garments, unless requested otherwise.

Higher lapel and gorge setting with double handmade backstitch on lapel and pockets.

Sleeves are tapered with overlapping or “kissing” buttons. Working buttons holes previously known as surgeon sleeves showcase the garment has been finished by hand. 

The famous Neapolitan Shoulder, "Spalla Camicia". Sophisticated and truly elegant.

Patch Pockets: The lower patch pockets on a Neapolitan jacket are modelled after the 'tasca a pignata' style, and when done in its purest form, are easily recognizable with a rounded bottom and a unique shape (like that of a brandy snifter). Choose rounded patch pockets vs square when designing your bespoke suit.

Look closely you'll also notice the front dart on the coat extends all the way to the bottom hem, right through the pockets, to create a more streamlined look. 

The v-split in the back of your waistband has easily been misunderstood as a tailoring error. This is certainly not the case, however is in fact a sartorial secret. Perfected by tailors over the years, indispensable for your comfort and the correct fit of your trousers.

*Some images above are not my own. Source unknown

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