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Updated: Aug 9, 2018


White walls and white trousers has me feeling the Mediterranean as summer approaches in the northern hemisphere. I love the Riviera and resort styling, and this is one of my fave ensembles. 

 My neighbourhood is full of gems, like this spot a few doors up from my Paddington Showroom. This beautiful autumn morning had me dreaming of the Med. I throw on a Mediterranean inspired look, starting with the versatility of my bespoke Wil Valor jacket, however the key to a great Mediterranean look is light colour chinos. White, cement, or cream chinos paired with a pale blue/oxford shirt tie this look together. Ocean and architecture inspire me when I'm thinking of the Mediterranean. But let's go back to the hero, the Wil Valor bespoke blazer, a silk/wool blend Italian cloth which is hand-made with a light weight canvas construction. I tend to be pretty hard on my clothes. A little bit of air and steam from your bathroom allows the natural fibres to bounce back after a hard day out... I prefer a light weight canvas with minimal shoulder padding. This allows the jacket to mould naturally around the shape of my body. Even though it is a light construction, it wears exceptionally well through all seasons. Because it isn't bulky, it also makes it fantastic for travel.  

When utilising this blazer into a full suit look, it can certainly be included into your weekly work suit rotation. Add a bespoke classic white poplin shirt or midnight blue for a change and watch this suit come to life.

Pop in and see me for your northern hemisphere travels or a general wardrobe overhaul at Wil Valor Bespoke Menswear, 15 William Street, Paddington.



Jacket: Wil Valor Bespoke

Shirt: H&M

Trouser: Tommy Hilfiger

Pocket Hank: Wil Valor

Watch: DeMontbray Pilton

Shoes: Aquila


Start with classic white chinos, tuck in pale blue oxford button down shirt, slide into plumb suede loafers, add bespoke blazer and garnish with silk pocket square.

Serves 1

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