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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

My complexion isn't ideal for the warmer, brown, earthy tones, however I must admit this soft cream linen jacket was indeed a must for my personal collection. This double breasted Italian linen is one of my wardrobe favourites. Yes, the 4inch plus lapels are on trend and will stick around for a bit longer, however when I created this jacket I wanted a timeless wardrobe investment. My choice of the 3.5 peak lapel width is the perfect balance for someone of my height and shoulder width.

The key ingredient to this fashionable dish is the baby blue button down oxford shirt. The softer blue in amongst the brown accent brings this outfit together. Being of a cool skin tone, I need to be careful when wearing any brown based colours. I've countered this by adding the blue oxford shirt, complimented by a subtle blue & grey checked trouser. The correct pair of glasses frame the face and can really add style to ones personal brand. I've chosen a tortoise shell pair that blends in with my complexion, but subtly enhancing the green/hazel colour of my eyes. This outfit is perfect for a daytime date, a casual stroll from café to gallery, or even your European summer look.

Pop by Paddo for a caramel sundae along with a complimentary colour consultation to see what colours best suit your complexion. 

Caramel Sundae


Jacket: Linen Wil Valor Bespoke

Shirt: H&M Oxford Blue

Trouser: Wil Valor Bespoke

Shoes: Aquila Loafers

Watch: Demontbray Pilton

Frames: Bailey & Neilson 

Pocket Hank: Hugo Boss


Whisk in a pair of brown loafers, add a blue based grey trouser, mix in a pale blue oxford button down shirt, top with a cream bespoke jacket, then finish with tortoise shell frames & polka dot pocket hank as extra toppings.

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