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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Grey is this season’s essential colour… combine this tone with soft tailoring and you have an ensemble versatile for any man’s wardrobe. From the boardroom to bar; white shirt, navy knitted tie and a pair of black loafers...changing into a classic white tee, paired back with white sneakers.

Notice wide legged trousers are currently on trend, making huge impact in the fashion scene. For those not bold enough to make the quick change from a pair of skinny’s, then these single pleated, straight cut trousers are a good place to start. I’ve chosen to finish mine with a cuffed hem. This craft shows quality, but can also accentuate a man’s height (for all you shorter blokes).

Whether you’re tall, short, thin or broad, wide lapels will do you no wrong. I’ve gone for a width of 4 inches on this 6 button, double breasted jacket. Minimal internal canvas which allows for a more natural fall to my body.

Pull apart this entire look and each individual piece will give your wardrobe endless versatility. Cotton, denim & suede will all compliment the wool cloth exceptionally well, giving your outfit an extra dimension. So don’t be afraid to mix up your textures with soft tailoring. The versatility of bespoke will certainly go a long way, so come in and see me and I’ll show you how a complete bespoke suit can be worn with your casual wardrobe. 

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